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Take a mask, a snorkel and fins and discover the secret world beneath the warm Chania waters. An entirely new world is there. Full of wonderful colors, plants and marine life that until now you only see in movies …
Our instructors are always available to advise you concerning the underwater biodiversity, to accompany you and to assist in every need. .


Guided Dives

You’re a diver, you know what this means.  You need Dives !!!  If you live in Chania or are visiting here on vacation or business, scuba diving here can be amazing and yes, a but intimidating. If you’re new or new to the area, we are here to help take you scuba diving.

Scuba Courses

There is a great sense of self-esteem that kids and adults get when they learn a new skill like scuba diving. Like all exercise programs, snorkeling and scuba diving, contribute to good mental and physical health. Oceanis dive center instructors don’t just teach

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What else we provide?

Boat Trip

Spectacular sightseeing Menies, Balos, Heironisia ….

Diving Holidays

We have the opportunity, the experience and the love to organize
the best diving vacation in Chania.

Technical inspection

Technical Inspection for your diving equipment.


From the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the sites.


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About us

The sense of diving in the crystal clear waters of Chania is really a big challenge. Oceanis Dive Centre focusing on safety and respect to the environment offers this experience. Scuba diving is gaining more and more friends because beyond the strong thrill and entertainment it brings us closer and closer to the sea and its environment. The acquaintance with the sea and the underwater life is often a decisive experience. The knowledge of underwater organisms will fill our emotions which until now could not draw attention anything to the surface. Oceanis Dive Centre in Chania offers this precisely, the experience through unique submarine explorations in the marine area of Chania. Come in Chania in order to live with us really enchanting dives.

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Buoyancy Calculator

Diving weights make all the difference in your Buoyancy “Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.” — Archimedes of Syracuse It’s the bane of all divers. We want to go down, but the inherent buoyancy in […]

New mask Calibro Fog-stop

Calibro Fog-stop   CRESSI is proving that after 70 years of being in the dive industry, they have no plans of slowing down. In 1952, they were the first company to introduce the nose pocket in a recreational diving mask, and now, at DEMA Show 2017, to show us the new Fog Stop System featured in […]

Your First Set of Scuba Gear: A Buyer’s Guide

For a new diver, buying gear is the final step, the act that says “I’m committed to really enjoying diving.” But if you’re newly certified, how are you supposed to know what to buy? Relax. Between our advice and your instructor’s help, we’ll have you outfitted in no time. It’s helpful to think of buying […]

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