Why You Should Take a Scuba Refresher Course

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If you haven’t been diving for a while or you’ve got a big trip planned, it’s wise to take a scuba refresher course before you blow bubbles again. Learning to scuba dive requires mastering certain skills and remembering specific rules. And diving safely requires remembering those skills and rules. However, lots of certified divers leave […]

Divemaster Trainees SSI for the 2018 summer season

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Divemaster Trainees for the 2018 summer season in Chania, Creta, Greece. We are looking for four (4) motivated and enthusiastic candidates to participate in our Divemaster Trainee Internship in the 2018 summer season in the beautiful island of Creta, Greece. Minimum Requirements: – Open Water Diver certification – Eighteen (18) years old – Twenty (20) […]

Instructor or Assistant SSI instructor for 2018

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Oceanis Dive Center is looking for experienced Instructor or assistant instructor. Employment only from May 2018 – September 2018 must be experienced instructors and have excellent diving skills! Minimum Requirements: – Health medical statement (not exceeding 6 months) – Current DAN Insurance (if not, willing to purchase personal insurance upon arrival) – Valid driver’s license […]

Buoyancy Calculator

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Diving weights make all the difference in your Buoyancy “Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.” — Archimedes of Syracuse It’s the bane of all divers. We want to go down, but the inherent buoyancy in […]

Hollis Neotek Semidrysuit

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Hollis Neotek 8/7/6 Wet-suit Experience the warmth of our new Neotek 8/7/6 cold water hooded semidry from Hollis. Made from a compression resistant 8/7/6 mm neoprene and a Hollis unique “ThermaSkin” inner liner. Includes a front neckdam with revolutionary G-Lock horizontal front zipper for clean on/off and a decent barrier in opposition to water intrusion. […]