Oxygen Sensing in Rebreather Diving

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Reliable measurement of oxygen is the technology that makes mixed-gas closed-circuit rebreathers (CCRs) possible. For the past 50 years, all electronic CCRs but one have relied on the system invented by marine scientist Walter Starck for the Electrolung, the first commercial CCR. Introduced in 1968, Starck’s design featured three electrochemical oxygen (O2) sensors along with […]

Shearwater’s Perdix

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Sleek and Sophisticated Merging state of the art manufacturing techniques, innovative engineered materials, and consumer feedback, Shearwater has successfully developed a low-profile, sleekly contoured design without sacrificing features vital to technical divers. It’s everything you love about the Petrel dive computer, just smaller. Shearwater’s Perdix is a robust, low-profile, contoured computer for technical divers.   […]

Regulator’s purge button

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Regulator’s purge button When trying to provide rescue breaths in the water to an injured diver, why can’t I use my spare regulator’s purge button? That seems easier to me than trying to manage a pocket mask. Answer from DAN experts:   Using the purge button of a second-stage regulator has been proposed many times, but […]

Raynaud’s Syndrome

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Raynaud’s Syndrome I’ve recently been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome. I’m an avid diver. Can I continue diving?   Answer from DAN experts: Raynaud’s Syndrome decreases effective blood flow to the extremities, most significantly fingers and toes; this results in cold, pale fingers and toes, followed by pain and redness in these areas as blood flow […]

Antibiotics use

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Antibiotics use My wife and I love to travel to exotic destinations, and my previous doctor used to give me antibiotics in case I got sick in a remote location. I have a new primary care physician who is hesitant to do this. What does DAN recommend? For some time now prescribing guidelines regarding antibiotic […]