Scuba Courses



Scuba Courses

There is a great sense of self-esteem that kids and adults get when they learn a new skill like scuba diving. Like all exercise programs, snorkeling and scuba diving, contribute to good mental and physical health. Oceanis dive center instructors don’t just teach snorkeling and scuba; they teach character values too, encouraging everyone to achieve his or her best personal personality.
Instructors and Divemasters set the example by modeling high moral standards during all courses and diving activities.

Oceanis dive center staff welcome and embrace people of different ages, incomes, abilities, races, and religions. Caring leaders create an atmosphere that is challenging and nurturing at the same time. Safety is one of the most essential ways to show caring: We must all emphasize at the health and safety of divers, participants and staff at any time. They must comply with good risk management practices, policies, government laws, and licensing requirements. Oceanis dive center instructors know that people participate in snorkeling and scuba for fun – this attitude keeps people coming back for additional courses, resulting in lifelong enjoyment and health benefits for everybody.

When scuba instructors create a safe and inclusive environment, like any other wholesome activity, scuba becomes a tool for personal development. GMAS, SSI and PADI programs achieve these goals. Our instructors promote good physical, mental, and spiritual health, which provides recreational diving opportunities and contributes to a better quality of life for all participants.


We believe in:

• The desire to share an experience rather than sell a sport

• A concern for people, what they feel, and how they learn •

• A program dedicated to safety through education rather than just marketing

• A course of instruction that maximizes the abilities of each individual

• A course that teaches students and their buddies to become independently qualified in the water and out

• Our students become divers that can safely enjoy our recreational activity throughout the world to the fullest


To see our students recognized worldwide for the premier quality of instruction and proficiency taught by our instructors.

And remember !!

Learn from the best – Our education makes the difference.

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