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Scuba Rangers
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Scuba Rangers  Padi Bubble maker

A program for our young friends who want to experience the beauty of the underwater world. In just 2 meters depth they will learn to explore the underwater environment.
Under the close supervision of our instructors, the children will swim wearing scuba diving equipment while playing. Colorful banners of Bubble maker, stickers, towels and toys along with specific qualifications and certification card will make this experience unforgettable.

Padi Bubble maker

What will be taught
  • they will learn to dive under the supervision of a professional instructor – teacher
  • they will learn how to breathe underwater
  • they will learn the basic steps of a diving equipment for children
What equipment do you use

Mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy control – diving tank – breathing regulator with pressure gauge – Wet suits and weights. Also if you want, a lot of them can be bought from the store next to the diving center.

Participation requirements for the program

from 8 to 10 years old

Duration of the program, maximum depth

60 minutes (30 minutes dive), Maximum depth of 2 meters

Who forms you will supplement:
  • Form of undertaking of responsibilities
  • Form of medical information
The next diving adventure
  • Junior open water course
Please kindly note:

– Every scuba or snorkeling experience we offer depends on the weather conditions. So, sometimes the program might change.
– You can always ask for a customized diving course.

Extras offered:

Discount: 5% All product types if you have booking 4 weeks before.
Discount: 5% All product types if you have booking 3 pax and plus.

Cancellation 50% refund up to 5 days prior